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Compassionate licensed Personal Care specializing in Memory Support Services Allow You to Continue Your Story

Throughout our lives, so much of our own story is written at home. They are a collage of moments, memories, and milestones that make up the fabric of who we are and who we’ve become. Park Louisville by Senior Star is a senior living community in Louisville providing lifestyle options that allow your family to continue creating those memories at home in a community where your family’s voice and legacy is heard, valued, and celebrated.

At Park Louisville, we encourage our residents and our associates to embrace their own story in this world. We are an active, vibrant, and diverse retirement community that allows every story to be told through the eyes of all who walk through our doors.

Our residents, their families, our associates, and our caregivers find value in creating moments every day that help mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, and neighbors continue to write a story — a legacy — that is unique, personal, and full of purpose.

Welcome to Senior Star at Park Louisville
Let us be a part of your story!

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Park Lousiville

10451 Linn Station Road
Louisville, KY 40223 United States

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