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We live in a visual world, where we consume information through photos and videos in everything we do. But, if I were to poll a group of people (I already have), it is likely that most will share they are not good with technology in general … and definitely not being in the center of any kind of visuals.

Professionals have a story to share, a product to promote, a service to provide, and a visual platform to build. They may have perfected that story. And that product is likely top-notch. They are amazing service providers. And yet, their visual platform is lacking. Why you ask? They are busy. They are busy building their business. They see video as an afterthought. A “nice-to-have”. But if we get to the root of the issue, it’s likely because they have no idea where to begin. Hey, I’m Chris, and this is my world. While videography is a passion of mine, what I really enjoy is being able to help professionals be relatable, share their expertise, leverage video as a tool to build and grow their business, and support them in connecting with those who don’t just want their product or service, but need it and can’t wait to invest in it. Leveraging video for your business isn’t a “nice-to-have”; it’s a must. What can video do for you? Right now? Today? 🎥  It can allow you to connect with potential clients and leads while you sleep. It’s a 24/7 lead generation tool. (Who doesn’t want to grow their business while getting more sleep?) 🎥  It can provide you an avenue to proactively connect with your current client base in a meaningful way. (In fact, it keeps things personal, and truth be told, people work with people.) 🎥  It can save you tons of time, allowing you to do what you do best! There is only one of you. But when leveraging video, that one of you can reach many all at the same time. Video isn’t going away. In fact, it’s increasing daily as a necessary tool for information sharing, knowledge consuming, and relationship building. While you likely know the value of visuals in today’s world, if you want to stick out, be heard and seen, then having only photos isn’t going to cut it. Videos provide relatability in a way nothing else can. I’d love to help you identify how you could leverage video to build or grow a business, promote your product or service, share your story in a memorable way, and expand your reach and exposure. Let’s connect today!
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Element 502

Element 502 = (Your Team)2

Our team is made up of web designers, analysts, creative writers, graphic designers, social media experts, and that’s just getting started. Seriously. We know it seems like a lot of skills in one place. That’s the fun of what we do. Like elements in the periodic table, we are able to join together to make amazing things. We are ready and eager to take your brand to new heights with our style of creative marketing & design. We provide digital marketing services using strategy, search engine optimization. Using our marketing skills we can elevate your brand to find new avenues of revenue.

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Creative Branding by Brian Rechten

I’m a Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) and a branding expert. Promotional advertising and branded apparel help you stand out from your competition. I can help you find the perfect branding for whatever the need.

Prospecting for business? Perhaps a great writing instrument or a scratch pad? Do you entertain clients on the golf course? Perhaps logoed golf balls or golf towels. What about higher end gifts for key clients? Leather portfolios or a nice embroidered jacket would be appreciated.

During this pandemic, it is critical that you stay in touch with clients and prospects. Direct mail can be very effective, and I can help you design every component, including the box the direct mail piece e would arrive in. Let me help you. I’ve won international awards for creativity. Let me put it to work for you.

Thanks and blessings,

Brian J. Rechten, MAS



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